Experimenting With Isle of Capri Watercolours


such lovely flowers

The Isle of Capri is a lovely little (and I mean very little) island next to Marco Island.  It is part of the 10,000 islands chain and is only one of three small islands, of the 10,000,that are populated and developed.  Marco Island and Goodland being the other two.  What I, again, loved, were all the flowers!  This time though, the roads were very narrow and I could lean out the car window and touch them or even pick one if I wished (I didn’t).  I used slightly cheaper paints for this small watercolour page as my cheaper paint set has more colours available without mixing (recall my less than 15 minute rule),  unfortunately though, I do find that with more than 3 colours you do get a little bit of a muddy effect if you’re not careful!  Well, my entire foray into watercolour journaling is about having a place to experiment with it, not feeling that it has to be worthy of a frame (I have lots of other work, mostly acrylics for that)!  Having fun with it and learning more by experimenting is what my journal pages are all about. Enjoy my results, experiment a little yourself and keep making art!


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