A Love Affair With Trees?


as seen looking up from the lanai on the rear of the house

While on vacation this year, I really developed a love for the trees.  They are so very different form the ones here  and , maybe this was an added bonus, I didn’t have my usual allergic reactions to the trees there like I have here.  So you may wonder if that means I’m moving.  No, not anytime soon anyway and I don’t think it will be to Florida.  The trees there were fabulous, my favourite was a tree with a greyish sort of truck and it was covered in pink blossoms, similar to an apple tree but much more delicate and with a lily of the valley sort of shape.  Oddly enough, I was usually driving when I saw them so couldn’t photograph or draw one.  I did paint the palm above which, a few moments later  was accosted by my husband with a long stick and a machete in an attempt to remove a coconut.  Poor thing.  Quite hilarious though.  I hope you enjoy the watercolour (again completed in less than or close to 15 minutes..tried hard to stick to that).  I have also included some photographs of other interesting trees….one of which was extremely interesting!  Enjoy, thank you to the trees and my fellow blogger vinyleraser for this tree inspiration.  As always…..keep making art!

the tree I painted!

yes, I have evidence of the entire coconut removal attempt

this one had a really leathery red trunk..see below

here is that red leathery trunk

I believe this is a Royal Palm

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  1. You certainly are not the only one in love with trees! I am too! Great watercolor of the palm. I think it’s great you put a time limit on yourself when painting in your sketchbook. One of these days, I hope to start a watercolor sketchbook too. I have so many blank ones, it’s ridiculous, LOL! Right now, I am working with pastels, but I adore watercolor. Margie

    • So thrilled you enjoyed it! I do really feel a time limit is required as the journal is all about experimentation and having fun! You should start a little journal, these recent posts are on 4×6 paper so very small and very quick! I’d love to see more of your pastel work!! Thanks so much for dropping by to visit! Lorelei

  2. What a nice watercolor! Now you could paint the other two also. The second tree has an awesome trunk to be sketched.

    And Lorelei, thanks for the reference. I’m happy that you find those posts interesting or at least they are a kind of inspiration.


    • Thanks so much, I did complet a pencil drawing of one of the other palms with the interesting and textured trunk..maybe I’ll post it another time! You are so very welcome, I enjoy seeing your work daily! Cheers to you as well, Lorelei

  3. Coconuts! I see a neighbor’s coconut tree on my window everyday. It reminds me of my old ink sketch of that coconut.

    And wow, 15 minutes! It’s great! That just makes me wanna go draw whatever with watercolors. They are faster to use than the pencils but my watercolour skills need a lot of practice. Hee hee.

    (I love trees btw. :D)

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