Watercolourist Loves Florida Colours


Purples, reds, yellows, more purple and lots and blue...that about sums it up!

One thing about Florida is how bright and shiny everything seems.  Perhaps it is the stark contrast between the effect of the sun there and the effect of the lack of sun here that made it seem that way.  Regardless, Florida has so many purples, and all the possible shades of pink that you can possibly imagine!  This watercolour page is a tribute to these colours and I have also thrown in a few photographs of the glorious Florida colours.  Enjoy, you have to visit Florida and keep making art.

These are my favourites!


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  1. I love too these Florida colours dear Lorelei, Thank you, how I miss spring… it is still dark and rainy and cold here… I am so happy to watch your colours… Have a nice and creative day, with my love, nia

    • I am so thrilled that it you think happy thoughts when you see these colours! It is very dreary where I live too and looking at this today makes me feel good too! Thank you for your creative wishes! Love to you too, Lorelei

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