Watercolourist Paints Live At South Beach


the view from my beach cabana

A quick watercolour of South Beach, Marco Island.  This was completed in about 5 minutes and it was the first time I tried painting a ‘live’ subject.  I was inspired to do so by a fantastic and supremely talented watercolourist named Lance Weisser of weisserwatercolours.  I have commented back and forth on his works and have learned a lot from viewing his pieces and reading his responses on technique to not only my questions but the questions of others.  I have to say that I was so much faster at choosing a colour and getting it right when the actual scene was before my eyes.  Taking a photograph is great but capturing it with your eye and your brush somehow felt better and I believe I walked away with a piece that was more true to life.  I hope you enjoy this first attempt at a live watercolour as much as I did!   It was such an energizing experience! Try one yourself,and keep making art!


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  1. I’ll try to follow your advice and I’ll draw on location. I guess it is the next step.

    On the other hand… I’d like to be on a beach like that :mrgreen:

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