Impressions of Marco Island


I finally made it back after two days of airlines and airports.  What I noticed though was that not everyone handled the delays as well as I even though we had all had a lovely Florida vacation.  Obviously, there are many factors outside of our vacation experiences that led to our differing levels of resilience in coping with a 23 hour flight delay but I feel that my ability to manage it better was significantly correlated with my fantastic two weeks in a tropical paradise…a.k.a. Marco Island, Florida.  I have posted some photographs (taken by my daughter and son!) that I thought you might enjoy as well as a watercolour journal page of mine completed on Day 1 in Marco.  I tried to spend no more than 15 minutes per journal page during my vacation so please bear with me!  Enjoy, check out Marco Island, Florida and keep making art!!

My son named him Joe!

One of the many types of palm trees in Marco

Everglades National Park dolphins (captured by my son!)

Palm Trees of all types are everywhere in Marco!


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  1. WOW! Sounds that you had a wonderful vacation, dear Lorelei. The photographs are so beautiful, like a dream land… I loved them all. Thank you, have a nice day, with my love, nia

    • Thanks so much!! My children actually took these photos and did a great job. Marco Island is very much like a fantasy island to me. It is so calming! More pics to come today! Thank you nia, I will, hvae a lovely day too! Lorelei

    • The ocean is so very calming. I love being near it. Thanks so much for your viewing of my blog and for your comments. I amso glad to hear that you enjoy seeing the watercolour works…I have so much fun with them!

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