Watercolourist asked ” Do you give rides on that thing?”


Hat number 3:  Enjoy fantastic hats and keep making art!

the watercolour pencil drawing


the painted hat...want a ride (ha!)






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    • I actually looked up her wedding hats and yes..this one looks like her at Will and Kate’s wedding! I belive my inspiration was one of the hats at the wedding but not hers! Maybe a Camilla hat, with a twist, will be coming soon!

    • I don’t know if I have gifted that to someone yet or not. I’ll check and if not, I’ll send it to you!! I’d love to have the sewing skills to actually create one of my hats..maybe I will have to try it out and see what happens. Thanks so much, have a great weekend nataliazen…. Lorelei x

      • I really have NO clue how to sow a hat. Don’t have sowing skills at all! I’ll stick to the drawing! Maybe you have a hidden sowing talent and in a few years you will be a famous hat designer. And all royal women will wear them! 😀 You just never know! 😉

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