Watercolourist asked ” Can you sail in it? “


Hat number two:  Enjoy, get a hat and keep making art!

The drawing


the painted hat




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    • Thank you!! Wow..I’m honoured! I wish! I would love to give up my day job and be an assistant to David Hockney at the moment! Have you seen his book Secret Knowledge…it is fantastic. He uncovers the secrets of the old Masters, you’ll never look at some major artworks the same way again! Have a great night timruane!

      • I didn’t know David Hockney — just looked at some of his stuff. He’s fab.
        Some people think these days that artists should have day jobs. Maybe. I am not sure, but I don’t think Matisse had one. Lorelei, right? I’ll have to take a look at Secret Knowledge. Thanks for the reference.

      • You won’t be sorry at all! And I am pretty sure that Matisse began painting advertising posters for theatrical shows and the like! So he started out with a day job that quickly turned into a life of art! Thrilled you like Hockney!! and yes…it is Lorelei! Take Care and have a great night timruane! Lorelei x

  1. I loved your new hat, Thank you for this book, I know David Hockney, but I haven’t known this book.
    I haave ordered now on Amazon. Thank you, how nice to know you too dear Lorelei, 🙂 Have a nice day, with my love, nia

    • Thanks Julie! They are so much fun to create and I am always creating new ones…just a bit of fun I started having after the Royal Wedding last year! Thanks for viewing my blog! Take care, Lorelei

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