Watercolourist Realized Neccesity is the Mother of Invention


Picture this:  Berlin 2011, on conference without spouse or colleagues, loving the city.  Head to conference site, pick up my bag of goodies and head outside to the front of the building for some sun and to peruse the programme and plan my strategy to fit as much into 5 days as possible, then due to my total inattentiveness, I trip and fall and break my ankle!  Not fun.  Placed on bed rest for two days!  Only brought my watercolour pencils and graphites!  Desperate fora materials I ransack my hotel bathroom vanity kit!  Yes, these pieces were created with three colours, cotton swabs, Q-tips and a nail file.  I was emboldened by my results and even requested more vanity packs!  And by the way, I still explored Berlin on foot, albeit slower than expected and also attended my conference…one day, I even rented a Segway!  Thank goodness I had spent four hours looking at art the day before!  Nothing can get me down!  Enjoy, paint while convalescing and keep making art!






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    • Not to worry at all, this happened last May and I have fully recovered! I am on vacation at the moment and scheduled my posts ahead of time. Thanks for having a look and for your well wishes! Yes, Q-tips…I was desperate for materials and these presented themselves!

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