Watercolourist Finds Poetry


Today’s journal page was started a few days ago at my watercolour journal class.  The technique is called Found Poetry and comes from Quinn McDonald’s book of Raw Art Journaling.  The how to:  find an old book at a discount store, tear out a page (my apologies to my fellow book lovers, this also was difficult for me at first), and then paint over , blot out, or otherwise cover in some creative manner all words except those words and/or phrases that call to you in some way.  You then create an interesting background on the page and there you have it, your Found Poetry journal page.  My page was most giddily torn from  a book entitled Cleopatra, apologies but I didn’t take note of the author, perhaps this gave me some sense of atonement for tearing up the book.

My found poetry reads like this:

Illicit Affairs: for talk is evil, difficult to bear,  once many people talk it up: It too is some god. 

Cleopatra turned thirty-five accumulating good fortune, most auspicious of her reign, ingeniously solved

To her friendship tamed a surge of popularity. the revenues flowed in, 




She had made good, simultaneously safeguarding and supplementing monarchs in wealth

The abundance..his sumptuous palace.

Enjoy, go find some poetry and keep making art!

Found Poetry Copyright 2012 Lorelei Walsh Park

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    • Hey, just found this comment, sorry I missed it. I really don;t know. I Googled Cleopatra and Love Egyptian symbols and these are just a smattering of what I found! I hope it means love rather than somehting nasty. Great to hear from you again.

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