Watercolourist Has Affair With Acrylics Too!


Acrylics?  Well yes, it is true, I have been having an affair with acrylics while the watercolours are out! Anyone who has seen my work is aware already that I also paint with acrylic paints and re-visited the watercolours due to the fact that the acrylic works tend to “scream to go big” as my art teacher Jean Rooney would say (love her I do!).  Well, when I’m working on the larger acrylics I wanted to also create a smaller work each day that allowed me to play around and experiment with watercolours.  I have learned so much about watercolours of late, but just enough to know that I still have so much to learn, and have really come to realize that I love watercolours and acrylics equally and can not leave one for the other.  So today I’m posting a detail  of a completed piece that is the fourth in a five piece series called “My Mother’s Closet”( other details of the work in progress were posted on January 23, 2012 in a post called  Watercolourist in Training:  Life is a succession of lessons….  ).  The five works are based on the colours of my mother’s closet as they hung in her home in Florida.  She is a very lovely lady and adorns herself in wonderful colours which compliment her inner beauty and accessorize her outward beauty.  I hope I am still wearing these colours when I’m 82!!  Not to worry thought, when all five are complete I’ll post them all together…as they should be.  Enjoy, wear colours you love and keep making art!

Fourth in series of 5…paying tribute to the many colours of my mother! Copyright 2012 Lorelei Walsh Park

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    • Thank you so much. Our Mom is such a special lady who wore so many fantastic and vibrant colours before their time! She still does as you can see and she is such an inspiration to us all. This is the biggest project I’ve completed, or near completed, as I am working on the third and fifth right now. I hope to have them complete for her birhtday this year. I am thrilled with your comments. They means so very much coming from an artist with your skill and experience. Am just noticing you have something new posted so I’m off to have a look. See you again soon.

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