Watercolourist Sighted Painting in Sub-Zero Temperatures


It’s freezing out there today.  Despite the cold though, a local watercolourist was sighted outside her parked car painting in below zero temperatures.  Passers by wondered ” Is she mad?” while the watercolourist carried out her planned experiment with colour and the cold and reveled in her results.  All the while she was seen wearing a grin reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland’s Cheshire Cat.  Upon approach, she seemed amicable enough and was observed using an interesting technique.  The key, applying lots of water to the paper and then dropping the watercolour into the water with almost instant intervention by Jack Frost.  Also interesting was the frozen pools of water forming on the paper and the intensity of the colours applied which appeared far more intense than when applied inside or in warmer weather.  Her results are posted below and, by the way, this watercolourist was me, I just thought as I was running a watercolour experiment I would write this post as most scientific papers are written, in the third person.  Enjoy, put your parka and wooly hat on and keep making art!

Wonderful frozen watercolour effects! Copyright 2012 Lorelei Walsh Park

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    • Thanks, I had such a fantastic time and the results were really exciting. I’m thinking I’ll try again tomorrow with a larger piece of watercolour paper! Thank you for viewing my work and congratulations again on your recent purchase!

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