Watercolourist Puts a Bookmark In It.


Bookmarks are something I use often.  I have also been known to use envelopes, old airline tickets, clothing price tags and other packaging materials as bookmarks when in a bind (ha!).  When I began painting I felt I couldn’t just throw away scraps of paper and didn’t feel right wasting left-over paints (either watercolour or acrylic).  So I started creating my own homemade bookmarks.  At first I simply splashed paint on a larger sheet of watercolour paper and then cut it into bookmarks.  Later on in the process, I approached each bookmark individually.  I thought I would show you a few of these today as I was unwell most of the day and couldn’t complete a journal page.  So here they are, enjoy with love and literacy in mind.  Keep on reading and keep making art!

Does anyone need a bookmark?Copyright 2012 Lorelei Walsh Park

Something colourful to mark your pageCopyright 2012 Lorelei Walsh Park

Paul Klee/ New Year’s Eve inspired bookmark….Auld Lang Syne

Thinking of friends across the world bookmark Copyright 2012 Lorelei Walsh Park

Irish Friends Copyright 2012 Lorelei Walsh Park

Qatar Friends Copyright 2012 Lorelei Walsh Park

Shubenacadie Sam and Wiarton Willie both think that Spring is coming!Copyright 2012 Lorelei Walsh Park


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