Watercolourist enjoys a Winter Daydream


Winter arrived with a vengeance today.  Up to this point winter appeared to have been only toying with the idea of actually making its presence known.  Today, it made up its mind.  All the schools in the area were closed as well as just about everything else but  alas, I had an appointment to attend that, much to my chagrin, was not cancelled.  I did what I usually do when faced with a task that appears to be negative.  I turn it into a positive by changing the tides, or in this case the snow banks, of my mind to come up with a better way to view the situation.  On what for most would have been a harrowing and anxiety provoking drive through unplowed snow on the road, I created a soothing drive that was filled with wonder.  The accompanying music ,so aptly provided by my favourite classical music station, was Tchaikovsky’s Symphony no.1, 3rd Movement, Scherzo, ” Winter Daydreams”.  This classical piece certainly contributed to the relative peace of the setting and provided me with a surprisingly relaxing and whimsical drive home.

Todays experience led me to end up with this watercolour page for today.  This was my view ahead.   I believe it etched itself so permanently into my visual memory because of the rapt attention I was paying to the road ahead whilst all of this wonderful visual and auditory winter imagery danced around me.  I do believe the music assisted with my sustained attention! I sincerely hope that I have been able to capture this experience for you in my words and my visuals as I was unable to figure out how to add the additional treat I had wanted, the accompanying music!  Perhaps you will be inspired to listen to it on your own!    Enjoy, keep dancing through the snow and keep making art!

The view ahead… in the magical, mystical snow! Copyright 2012 Lorelei Walsh Park

A closer look at the driving snow.Copyright 2012 Lorelei Walsh Park


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  1. Love it–I’m sure Tchaikovsky himself experienced his own share of snow and travel challenges. In days like what you went through one wonders whether a return to the horse and sleigh isn’t maybe a good idea?

    • Thank you so much …perhaps his travel woes were his inspriation for “Winter daydreams”. I definately would have preferred horse and sleigh yesterday. I think that concept for snowy days is a wonderful one for certain! What a fabulous suggestion! Now to track down a horse and sleigh for hire.

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