Watercolourist in Training: Allow the water to take you!


I am late today, I know, but am still managing to get here!  Thank you all so much for dropping by to view my posts!  I am humbled by the response and feel so honoured that so many wonderful and creative people are so gracious and giving of their time to come by and take a look at my daily offerings.  Thank you.  Today I felt I needed to share my own quote with you rather than sharing someone else’s.  I feel that this past few weeks has allowed me to listen more closely to myself rather than dismiss my thoughts as less worthy of sharing and then spend time searching for a “good quote”.  So today I thought this as I painted ” If you can allow the water to take you…you will be assured the adventure of a lifetime”.  Here are today’s works.  If you take a look back at Jan, 19, 2012, you will see that this block of colour was applied 6 days ago.  I felt my experience with colour through the week led me to end with what looked to me today as a lovely little mountain-scape on the water with the storm just passing and the sun beginning to peak through.  I felt I wanted this work to stand on its own so I am resisting the urge to post other works.  Enjoy, follow your water guide and keep making art!

Allow the water to take you… Copyright 2012 Lorelei Walsh Park

Voila! What a journey!! Copyright 2012 Lorelei Walsh Park


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