Watercolourist in Training: The Reveal


Pre-Class:  Heading out to my watercolour class tonight and can’t wait to see and hear about everyone’s experiences with their week.  I can honestly say, as an exercise, the week allowed me to loosen up a bit, embrace what I previously viewed as errors and begin to view them as happily accepted accidents.  I am holding this post on purpose today to be posted on the 19th, GMT Time, so tonight..it’s working to my advantage!

Post Class:It was wonderful to share my experience with my fellow “watercolourists in training” and to see their work which, now that I am allowed to comment on it..YEE HAW, was fantastic! It was great to share ideas, impressions and see the work.  I really had to bite my tongue not to overflow with positives.  Very well done and I could tell that everyone, including our instructor, really enjoyed the work and hearing everyone’s story of watercolour freedom.  I’m posting two of my works completed tonight..loads of fun, so I hope you enjoy viewing them (one of them is a work in progess..so stay tuned).  I also wanted to show you some of my other watercolour works completed last year.  Enjoy and as always…keep making art!  All Copyrights 2012 Lorelei Walsh Park


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    • Thanks so much! I love everything about art and the artists I’m encountering are fabulous folks! I certainly do feel that I’ve granted myself permission at this point. I had that before but lost it somewhere in the last few months. The blog was meant to re-awaken my artistic spirit and it worked! Your guidance and inspiration has also been so important to me!

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