Watercolourist in Training: Day 5 and Ecstatic!


Well, I’ve made it to day five of my watercolour journaling week and am feeling…well, you know….ecstatic.  I really love the idea of being able to experiment and engage in paint play whilst I work on other larger projects.  I finally got back to a series of works I started last summer called “My Mother’s Closet”.  It is based on photographs taken last February of my mothers very colourful closet.  I’m posting one for you today as well as my usual journal page and close up. The larger work is done in acrylics and is 24 by 36.  I felt this was a good size as I wanted the viewer to get a sense that they were standing back looking at a real closet.  My mother is a very colourful lady and although her wall space won’t accommodate all five of the works, I thought I might create prints for her to keep in her southern and northern homes.  I have really enjoyed creating these works but they do take me a long time.  Hope you like the work today and keep making art!

The week is almost full! Copyright 2012 Lorelei Walsh Park

Copyright 2012 Lorelei Walsh Park