Watercolourist in Training!


Copyright 2012 Lorelei Walsh Park

So this is officially my tenth blog (raise the roof!).  Today I thought I would focus on my recent experience with watercolour.  I signed up for a watercolour journaling class.  I had been thinking about it for a while and was attracted to the idea but was less than insightful about the reasons why.  Well, upon arrival and after the obligatory introductions we were all asked why we had begun the course.  Immediately, I felt pressured.  So I said to myself “Wait a cotton-pickin’ minute here…I signed up for this course so i would stop taking myself so seriously.. and now you’re asking me to be insightful?”  This declaration/question was a surprise, to say the least.  Then I realized the reason why I had started in the first place.  I felt I was becoming too serious, loosely translated as critical, about my work and was beginning to feel pressured to produce something that was worthy to hang on my wall even when I was just fooling around.  This was completely my own doing as my art teacher, an amazing artist for whom I have the greatest respect, had always worked to encourage me in just the opposite direction.  Regardless, my answer to the question at class last night was this:  I  wanted to start the class because I am often working on larger pieces, either watercolour or acrylic, and I am finding myself wanting to be creative in a fun and fancy tickling sort of way even when I am not working on these pieces.  I have been doing this a little but saw your ( the instructor’s) journaling work and I wanted to give it a try.  Sometimes we intuitively know why we are doing something even though we have never put it into words.  Saying it out loud was a great experience for me and I’d strongly recommend it to anyone out there who feels they need to!  Name it!  It certainly worked for me!

Your thoughts are so exhilarating..tell me more

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