Small Town Inhabitant Gets Energized By Fellow Bloggers

Standard brain is energized too!!! See!!

It’s been a week since I started to post and I feel so energized by the process.  Just the idea of spending time looking at other people’s fantastic work and reading all those amazing ideas and thoughts has made a tremendous difference in my everyday experience.  For so many people everywhere creativity is such an elusive and enigmatic thing.  When caught up in the rat race, creativity feels like an alternate reality, one that is unachievable,  so most people say to themselves…why bother.  This is why we bother…this…what we are doing right at this moment…ceaselessly and relentlessly thinking, talking, listening, experiencing, seeing,……creating.  Even the comments I’ve read on my posts and on that of others are endless in their creativity.  The other absolutely wonderous thing about this is the über positive vibe and the community of support that is created within and between everyone who wants to be part of it!  We are creativity….all of us and we encourage and validate each other and consistently make an effort.  Wow….what a first week!!!!  I am inspired by all of you….Creativity is all around,  so drink it up and keep doing this!


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  1. So true! I am amazed by it on a daily basis. So much positivity, love and sense of community…all with people i have never met. I believe it all transfers out to the real world and life. Thanks for stopping by my site..your comment put a smile on my face! Thank you!

    • Great point regarding the transfer of our blogging experience to the rest of our life. Also, you’re so very welcome, it was certainly a pleasure to see your work! Thanks for having a look at mine as well!

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