Happy Belated Birthday Jimmy


Well…..I intended this for yesterday but in the words of the great Van Morrison…we carry on regardless!  We celebrated the birthday of the greatest rock guitarist of all time (so far) yesterday and throughout the day I thought about how he and his other Led Zeppelin henchmen had such inspiration..in their words…inspiration is what you are to me…from their epic tune Thank you.  I wondered whether it was some lover or person in their lives that made the difference…perhaps it was assisted by drugs of varying types or perhaps it was one another and the songs on which they worked.   Then I thought about my own inspirations…music is a big one ( like I needed to tell you that) but also people around me, my community, my kids and all the visuals around me everyday no matter how mundane they may seem to others I draw inspiration from all of them.  I just put the kids on the bus and during our five-minute foray into the cold we talked about the fascinating full moon above us…inspiration….certainly!  so I thought I’d post another artwork of mine that I feel Jimmy Page and his Led Zeppelin cohort would love..in honour of their inspiration to me and to countless others around the globe!  Oh..and just a little postscript here….this shoe is bedeviled with camo from Finland from the 60’s ( I felt it was fitting)…Happy Birthday Jim!!  Copyright 2012 Lorelei Walsh Park


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