Choose to Dance


this artowrk has a lovely fluidity to it...movement and dance come to mind for me..unfortunately I do not know the artist but love the work!

Well then,,I’m getting to this quite late tonight but with two little ones just getting to sleep, this is my first chance to sit.  So today I managed to read two e-mails/posts from people I know….one I know well as a friend, the other through my business.  Interestingly, they both through their comments, pointed to the same metaphor for living ones life to the fullest and both involved a choice and dancing.  I was struck by this.  Two very different people, different walks of life, different parts of the world who both felt they had been burdened by life and age a little too much and felt the need to engage in an activity that, for most of us, signifies a state of bliss, one that is completely unencumbered….. dancing.  I certainly feel that I have chosen to ‘dance’ rather than the alternative and am exuberant about having made that choice for myself and my children.  They still dance all the time because they are still so young but I have chosen to dance with defiance of my age and in defiance of all that life brings.  So my friends…dance……live enthusiastically!


Your thoughts are so exhilarating..tell me more

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