First day out of the gate


Well, as my first day out I thought I could talk about the little inspirations that entered my life today.  You see, I have been putting the pieces in place to create a major life change for myself for a little over a year now and today, my first day back on the job, I received some inspiration to “keep on keepin’ on” as they say.

First, there was some great music, Bob Dylan Hey Lady Lay from his comeback tour in 1974.  The fact that his tour was about change and returning to something he loved with a slightly different perspective just spoke to me.  Second was the news that one of my staff had been engaged over the holidays in an “against all odds” sort of story.  I thought this event also to be of great significance and inspiration to me.  Sometimes when things happen like this I often take that to be a sign of good things to come and as I previously mentioned a source of inspiration.

The third and final was, again, music, a classic from Led Zeppelin played to celebrate the birthday of John Paul Jones.  In all these situations, I found a common theme…that is, people can do amazing things to overcome all sorts of barriers and to survive just about anything.  I see it in my work everyday but for some reason, today I listened to the message a little more closely.  Starting this blog was about sharing my thoughts, experiences, love of art, music and the human condition, as I keep my goal in sight.  Who knows where I’ll end up with it..but I feel the journey is, and likely will be, of equal if not greater significance.


Your thoughts are so exhilarating..tell me more

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